Delhi-bound Air India flight seeks priority landing at IGI airport over windshield crack


Delhi-bound Air India flight seeks priority landing at IGI
Image Source : PTI/REPRESENTATIVE Delhi-bound Air India flight seeks priority landing at IGI airport over windshield crack

Air India: After suspecting a windshield crack on Tuesday, a Delhi-bound Air India flight sought for a priority landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport on Tuesday. According to reports, the aircraft landed safely which had originated from Pune. The pilot of the aircraft asked for a priority landing at Delhi airport after a suspected wind crack, news agency ANI reported citing sources. 

Meanwhile, Air India also revised the salary structure for its pilots and cabin crew, which includes a revision of the per-hour flying rate for pilots. Under the new structure, the salary of a trainee pilot now stands at Rs 50,000 while a senior commander will earn Rs 8.50 lakh per month while the guaranteed flying allowance component has been doubled from the current 20 hours to 40 hours. 

However, it remained much lower compared to the pre-pandemic period when Air India pilots were entitled to a guaranteed 70 hours of flying. Similarly, the salary of a fresh cabin crew has been pegged at Rs 25,000 per month, whereas the cabin executive will get Rs 78,000 per month, according to the circular.

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SpiceJet flight returned to Delhi after a false warning

Earlier on Tuesday, a Srinagar-bound SpiceJet flight returned to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport after a false warning, the airline spokesperson said. “On April 18, a SpiceJet B737 aircraft operating flight SG-8373 (Delhi-Srinagar) returned to Delhi as the AFT cargo fire light illuminated the cockpit,” the spokesperson said.

According to the SpiceJet spokesperson, the light was later extinguished upon actions taken by the flight captain. “Before landing, all operational parameters were observed to be normal and the aircraft landed safely and passengers were deplaned normally,” the spokesperson said.

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