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Image Source : PTI Don’t be distracted by politics: Ashok Gehlot to Cong workers amid blow from Sachin Pilot

Rajasthan: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday while addressing Congress workers during a daylong workshop at the Birla Auditorium urged them not to be distracted by politics. He further asked them to focus on helping people get access to welfare schemes. He further stressed promoting the government’s welfare schemes, especially the “Mehangai Rahat Camps”. 

Rajasthan political row 

This statement of Ashok Gehlot came in view of a blow from Sachin Pilot that hit hard the party in the state. Recently, former Rajasthan Deputy CM Pilot staged a daylong fast against corruption during the Vasundhara Raje government in the state. While announcing his fast, Pilot informed that he wrote a letter to Rajasthan CM Gehlot but didn’t receive any response.

Gehlot on govt’s schemes

After the political row in the state, CM Gehlot is now introducing “Mehnagai Rahat Camps” (inflation relief camps) that are being organised across the state from April 24. “Our priority is to help people affected by inflation. We need to spread awareness about Mehangai Rahat Camps and ensure that people can access its benefits,” Gehlot said.

“We are here to serve the people, not to play politics. Let us put our energy into making sure that every eligible person can benefit from our welfare schemes,” he added.

The chief minister said party leaders and workers working hard in this regard will be rewarded. “Your efforts will not go unnoticed. We will recognise and reward those who go the extra mile to serve the people,” he said.

Inflation relief camp 

The camps are being set up with the objective to help people fight price rises. Information regarding public welfare schemes and programmes will be given to people from deprived sections and they will be linked to the schemes based on their eligibility. Gehlot also cited a survey, saying the Congress will emerge victorious in the Assembly elections scheduled later this year.

“We have done a survey and the results are clear… Congress is winning with a clear majority,” Gehlot said. The Congress government in Rajasthan has been actively promoting its welfare schemes, including the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, and Free Annapurna Food Packet Scheme among others.

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