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Foreign Minister S Jaishankar in the US.
Image Source : X Foreign Minister S Jaishankar in the US.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Sunday, while addressing an Indian community event in Washington DC, said  If you look at some of the recent things which India and US have done together, they all start with the alphabet ‘I’ and ‘I’ is good for the United States.

“We just spoke about this Middle Eastern Corridor. It’s called IMEEC, India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor… All of you are familiar today with the term Indo-Pacific… So clearly, you know, the alphabet ‘I’ is good for the United States..,” he added.

Jaishankar, on a US visit, held a series of meetings with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, senior members of the US Administration, American business leaders, and think tank experts this week. 

“I started at a time in the early eighties when you had to explain where you are from, what you are about, you know, it’s good to see members of Congress here. Those are tough days, you know, they didn’t even let you into the rooms in the Congress… But if one looks at the journey, how far we’ve come, how deep and broad this relationship (India-US relationship) has become. There is no department in the government today that doesn’t have dealings with their Indian or American counterparts..,” the minister elaborated.

He said today in many ways, the new India is an India of Chandraayan, it’s an India of CoWIN, it’s an India of 5G. 

“This is really what we are capable of, and it is this India today that the United States also sees. It is this India with which the United States actually has an appetite for working, much more closely,” Jaishankar added.

On US support to India during the 20 Summit in Delhi, the minister said particularly, the contribution, the support and the understanding that India got from the United States to make a successful G 20, he thought that was something he would certainly like to recognise in public in Washington. 

“So it may have been our success in a literal way. But I think, to me the success of the G 20 was also a success of the India-US partnership. So once again, it is great to see all of you,” he added.

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