Lawsuit filed against California Civil Rights Department for violating constitutional rights of Hindus


A Hindu organisation has filed a lawsuit against the California Civil Rights Department, alleging that it has violated several constitutional rights of Hindus living in the state.

The amended complaint filed by the Hindu American Foundation and others alleges that the department has violated the rights of Hindus in California by wrongly asserting that a caste system and caste-based discrimination are integral parts of Hindu teachings and practices.

Joining the HAF as plaintiffs are several California-based HAF team members in their individual capacities, as well as long-time California resident and interfaith leader Dilip Amin.

Three individual plaintiffs, all Indian-origin Hindu tech workers, who claim direct harm by the CRD’s “unconstitutional and inaccurate” statements about Hinduism and Indians have also joined the suit, according to a media statement.

“The court asked for a level of specificity not normally required in a preliminary complaint,” Samir Kalra, HAF’s managing director, said.


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