Managements toughen stand on power artisans’ threat to strike work from April 25


The managements of Telangana power utilities have toughened their stand on the strike notice given by Telangana Vidyut Employees Unions (TVEU) and a few other unions of artisans for boycotting duty from April 25 in support of their demands.

Strikes in all four power utilities have been prohibited for a period of six months from February 25 this year under the Telangana Essential Services Maintenance Act. The managements are also citing the memorandum of settlement signed on April 15 by them and trade unions apart from an agreement signed on April 19 by them and the trade unions before the Joint Commissioner of Labour under the Industrial Disputes Act.

The managements have stated that all employees of the utilities are expected to rise to the occasion by maintaining high level of efficiency in supply of power in view the ongoing Rabi agricultural season and summer season as shortage or interruption in supply would cause undue hardships to all categories of consumers.

They have directed all functional heads at corporate offices and the offices at Chief Engineer/zonal level to identify the artisans who resort to strike or instigate other employees to participate in the strike or provide any financial aid to illegal strike, as such action would constitute grave misconduct. They were asked to send the details of errant artisans whose services would be terminated on the grounds of misconduct to the corporate offices on a day-to-day basis.

Meanwhile, TVEU president K. Madhu Kumar has alleged that the managements were taking the help of police to “illegally” arrest artisans at the divisional level from Friday. He has requested them to resolve the problems of the 23,000-strong workforce in the power utilities and avert strike instead of resorting to arrests.


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