Satya Pal Malik ‘vindicated’ Pakistan on Pulwama attack, says Islamabad


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad. Photo:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad. Photo:

The allegations of former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik regarding the Pulwama attack of February 14, 2019, have proved the point that the Modi government has used the incident to “advance Hindutva agenda,” said the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan on April 16.

A press note issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan said Mr. Malik’s comments “vindicated” Pakistan’s position on the incident. 

“His disclosures demonstrate how the Indian leadership has habitually used the bogey of terrorism from Pakistan to advance its sham victimhood narrative and the Hindutva agenda, clearly for domestic political gains,” said the press release. 

In the interview that has since been circulated widely shows Mr. Malik saying that he expressed his opinion about the government’s failure in ensuring security for CRPF personnel who died in the attack. “I told it to the Prime Minister in the evening that this has happened due to our fault. Had we given the aircraft, this wouldn’t have happened. To which he told me that I should keep quiet now,” said Mr. Malik to veteran interviewer Karan Thapar.

Mr. Malik further alleged that National Security Adviser Ajit Doval also urged him stay silent saying, “He has been my classmate so we can talk about anything to each other. He said Satyapal, don’t say this.”

Balakot strike

The Pulwama terror strike had triggered active hostilities between India and Pakistan and led to the Balakot strike of February 26 in which India fired missiles targeting a terrorist training centre. Pakistan however asked the Indian government to answer the questions raised by Mr. Malik’s remarks. 

“India must answer the questions raised in the latest revelations. It is time India be held accountable for the actions that imperilled regional peace in the aftermath of Pulwama attack,” the statement from Pakistan declared. 


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