Tamil Nadu Assembly adopts resolution urging Centre to extend reservations to Christian Adi Dravidars


Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin
| Photo Credit: M. Vedhan

The Tamil Nadu Assembly on Wednesday adopted a resolution moved by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, urging the Union Government to amend the Constitution, to extend statutory protection, rights, and concessions, including reservations, to members of Scheduled Castes who have converted to Christianity.

Coimbatore South BJP MLA Vanathi Srinivasan opposed the resolution and staged a walkout with other members of her party.

Mr. Stalin acknowledged that Adi Dravidars continued to face caste atrocities, including untouchability, even after converting to Christianity, and contended that the issue had to be considered in a kind manner. “As per the Constitution, persons, other than those who have converted to Sikhism and Buddhism, cannot claim the status of the Scheduled Castes. However, since they remain Scheduled Castes historically, it is but fair to extend the benefits [given to others of the SC community] to them. They can get education and employment only through reservation and achieve status and growth in society,” the Chief Minister argued.


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