TSRTC to appoint over 2,000 village bus officers


Taking the State-run buses closer to the people to increase occupancy, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) will appoint 2,000 village bus officers whose primary duty will be to encourage people to use the RTC services.

The innovative programme, to be effective from May 1, is aimed at engaging people and ensuring that they use the RTC services rather than depend on private transport. The guidelines for the appointment of village bus officers were released by the TSRTC Managing Director V.C. Sajjanar.

The primary responsibility of the officers will be to engage the local community and maintain a friendly relationship. They will collect information about bus schedules, services and other related issues every 15 days to understand the needs and improvement. With people engaging the RTC services for weddings and functions, the officers will also collect details of such events to make arrangements for additional services on regular basis as well as hire services. Details of the officers will be made available at the gram panchayat office while sarpanches will be sent letters with the details of the appointed officers.

The community leaders will also be given the numbers of village officers so that expeditious services can be provided if needed. Each officer will cover more than one village depending on the size with the maximum village for one officer being five. Big villages may get a single officer given their needs and better service prospects.

Similar officers will be appointed in the municipalities and also in Hyderabad by the depot managers concerned, and their duties will be similar to the village bus officers. The TSRTC plans to appoint over 2,000 officers and they will be recognised for their work every three months with best officer awards.

TSRTC Chairman and MLA Bajireddy Govardhan and Mr. Sajjanar said the initiative will also plug the gap between the commuters and the corporation. Villages can’t reach out to the Depot Managers with their problems and needs, given the distance now but the village officers will now fill that gap. They urged people to support the new initiative to improve the public transportation system.


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